How to Log into Tableau Server

Seems simple, but it's easy to forget that pesky username format. 

Your Tableau Server login utilizes the same Active Directory - ie, the same account information - as your Remote Desktop Login to your hosted server where you use Raiser's Edge. Tableau also needs the "domain" along with your username which you've likely forgotten.

Format for username: [email protected]

Password: the exact same password you use for your Remote Desktop login to your RE server.


Tips: f you don't know your

If you don't know your username and domain, take a look at your Remote Desktop shortcut you've most likely saved on your local machine's desktop. Hover your mouse over the shortcut, right click, and choose "edit." You will see the username format ex: [email protected] 

*When logging in, the username format is the most common place where a mistake is made.

If you forget your password, check to make sure that you're using the same password you're using for the Remote Desktop login. Second, double check your username format. If you're sure your username is correct and your password doesn't work, you can have your Account Operator reset your password in your Active Directory. You don't need us to do that :) However, you're more than welcome to contact us and we can assist as well.

For support, just email [email protected].


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