Tableau Server Week 3

Download a PDF of week #3 outline at the bottom of this page.

Week 3 Training



The following is an organized outline of Tableau Server topics presented in a customized order to facilitate your learning the Tableau Server system. It is based on, and all more sections link to Tableau’s online help available here. As a more thorough resource, we recommend you explore the Get Started section for site users and content publishers.


The goal of this session is to introduce users to the editing workspace in Tableau Server and demonstrate how Concourse Library workbooks from the default project can be edited. The editing workspace in Tableau Server is a similar, albeit “lite” version of Tableau Desktop.

Choose view to edit

You can get to the editing workspace

  • Open Default project
  • Select a workbook by checking the box in the upper left corner of the thumbnail
  • Hover over the corner menu (“…” appears), click, then choose “edit workbook.” The editor window will open
  • “Save As” a copy to your personal sandbox project
    • Name the workbook (append with “SBX”, or your name
    • Save to your project Sandbox
    • Uncheck “show sheets as tabs” if desired
    • Check off, “Embed password for data source”
    • Click green “SAVE” box


Compare Tableau Server Web Authoring Workspace (editor view), with Tableau Desktop Web Authoring Workspace More

  • Open saved workbook from sandbox
  • Workbook tab (not-editable) vs Worksheet tab (editable)
  • Data Pane
  • Analytics Pane
  • Sheet Tabs


High level of layout


Detailed Walkthrough of Toolbar More

  • Undo/Redo
  • Pause
  • Swap
  • Totals
  • Show/Hide Labels
  • View Size
  • Worksheet
  • Export
  • Show Me


Side Bar (expand/close).


Pages Shelf More

Allows the user to break a view into a separate pages as a way to better analyze how a specific field affects the rest of the data.


Common Design Mistakes:

  • Displaying excessive detail
  • Introducing meaningless variety
  • Encoding quantitative data inaccurately
  • Cluttering the display
  • Misusing or overusing color




  • Adding/Removing a Filter
  • Adding/Removing a Label from the Marks card
  • Changing the size of the Marks
  • Changing the color of the Marks
  • Changing the size of the display



  • Reordering the measure and dimension pills in the rows or columns
  • Replacing a dimension in the rows or columns with a different dimension
  • Replacing a measure in the rows or columns with a different measure
  • Drilling down the “Year(Gift Date)” using the “+” sign
  • Showing/Hiding a filter
  • Changing how a filter is displayed



  • Adding a dimension or measure to the rows or columns
  • Changing the display of a measure

Changing a dimension into a measure and vice versa


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